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This year the symposium brought together scolars and scientists from more then 10 countries all over the world, who met and discussed their contributions on the theme: "Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Regional Development and Public Policy in the Emerging Digital Economy" for three days. There were keynote sessions before lunch and parallel paper sessions after lunch.

The purpose of this symposium was to provide a state of the art overview of:

  • how innovation, entrepreneurship, and regional development are interrelated in the new digital economy,
  • how countries and regions differ in terms of ICT development and in their adoption of ICT and the reasons for these differences, and
  • how national and regional policies ought to be formulated and implemented to maximise the contribution of ICT to national and regional growth
  • the public policy challenges that follow with the rapidly emerging digital economy.

The paper sessions was also organized around these four themes.

Formal opener of the Uddevalla Symposium 2002:

Prof. Per Eriksson, Director-General, VINNOVA, Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, opened the symposium up on Thursday June 6, by talking about "Innovation Systems for Sustainable Growth".

The following seven keynotespeakers were invited:

Karen F. Polenske, Professor of Regional Political Economy and Planning, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA who talked about: "Clustering in space versus dispersing over space: Agglomeration Versus Dispersal Economies",

Börje Johansson, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden: "Spatial Clusters of ICT-sectors"

Kingsley E. Haynes, Director, School of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA: "Utilization of telecommunications infrastructure: Efficiency considerations and output consequences in the states of the US"

Robert (Bob) Stimson, Professor Geographical Sciences and Planning, The University of Queensland, School of Geography, Planning and Architecture, Brisbane, Australia: "The digital divide: Socio economic and spatial distributional issues for ICTs in regional development".

Edward J. Malecki, Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA), The Ohio State University, USA: "Cities in the internet age: What new technology means for urban life in a global economy".

Luc Soete, Professor International Economics, MERIT, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands: "ICT and the new regional economy".

Roger Stough, Director, The School of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA: "The relationship between functional and spatial industrial clustering in technology intensive regions".

A very high percent of the participants thought that the papers contributed to their own research and promoted their scientific network as well. 27 papers were presented during the symposium.

A hard-back proceeding of the revised papers presented at the symposium has been published by the University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla. For more information about publications from this Uddevalla Symposium as well as from all Uddevalla Symposia (so far) please click here

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