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About 90 researchers and PhD Students from 19 countries listened to keynote speeches, discussed papers and participated in the social programme in the evenings. The Symposium was organised by the University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla (hosts) in co-operation with the University College of Östfold, Norway; Jönköping International Business School, Sweden; The School of Public Policy at George Mason University, USA; The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom; NORDREGIO (Nordic Center for Spatial Development), Sweden and The Nordic and the Nordic Section of Regional Science Association.

The 7th Uddevalla Symposium 2004 is a part of a common research project on Entrepreneurship within Interreg IIIA Sweden-Norway. This is a co-operation established between the two universities University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla and University College of Östfold, Norway.

The Vice-chancellor of The University College of Östfold - Knut Aarvak - opened the symposium on Thursday June 17th, and the Chair of the Municipality of Fredrikstad Municipality – Mr Ole Haabeth – welcomed all participants to Fredrikstad.


The winner of the Best Paper Award 2004 was Frank G. van Oort, Netherland Institute for Spatial Research (RPB), The Hague and Urban and Regional Research Centre Utrecht (URU), Utrecht University and Erik Stam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Their paper was entitled: "Entrepreneurship, Firm Growth and Agglomeration Economies in the Dutch ICT Sector".

The winner of the Best PhD Candidate paper were Christian Traxler and Sven Stöwhase, University of Munich, Germany. Their paper was entitled: "Tax Evasion and Auditing in a Federal Economy". $700 Reward for the Best PhD Candidate paper and $1000 Reward for the Best paper. The Swedbank in Uddevalla, Sweden sponsored these prizes.


The selection of the keynote speakers together with a good mixture of the subjects were some of the strengths of the symposium. Also the friendly atmosphere and the organisation contributed to making the symposium to a very successful event.

During these three full days there were 10 interesting keynote speakers and several parallel paper sessions with the "discussant concept" in the afternoons. These sessions were organised in four sub themes:

  • Territorial Competition and Substitution Processes
  • Regional Co-operation and Competition in Border Regions
  • Inter-regional Co-operation
  • Entrepreneurship in a Regionalised World

More than 50 papers were presented, the keynote contributions not included, and discussed during the 7th Uddevalla Symposium - many of them by young scientists. This gave a lot of opportunities for personal interaction and networking possibilities between researchers. A very high percent of the participants thought that the symposium contributed to their own research and promoted their scientific network as well.


Professor Åke. E. Andersson, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
"Real and Financial Factors in Regional Competition?"

Professor Roberta Capello, University of Molise and Dept of Economics, Politecnico of Milan, Italy
"Regional Economic Impact of ICTs Development: Efficiency vs. Cohesion Scenarios"

Professor Paul Cheshire, The London School of Economics & Political Science, United Kingdom
"Land Market Regulation, Quality of Life and Regional Competitiveness' "

Professor Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, University of Alcala, Spain
"European 'Peripheres': Old and New Challenges and Possible Actions"

Professor Kingsley E. Haynes, George Mason University, USA
"The Knowledge Network and Learning in a Competitive Regional Environment"

Professor Börje Johansson, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
"Location of New Industries – The ICT Sector 1990-2000"

Professor Rico Maggi, University of Lugano, Switzerland
"Mobility Options"

Professor Olav R. Spilling, Norwegian School of Management BI, Norway
"Does Innovation Policy Matter? Some Reflections Around the Norwegian Innovation Policy"

Professor Roger R. Stough, George Mason University, USA
"Behavior of Jurisdictions and Economic Structure: A Test in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region"

Professor Michael Wegener, Spiekermann & Wegener, Germany
"Regional Economic Impacts of European Transport Networks: Competitiveness v. Cohesion Effects"

Useful news on new accessibility to European Regional Statistics
Alf Fyhrlund, Statistics Sweden, exposed and explained very informative techniques for searching, extraction and to be alerted on European regional statistics. Eurostat, the statistical office of the European union, is presently re-organising their systems for disseminating statistics. More free data and less fees is a general trend.


A hard-back proceeding of the revised papers presented at the symposium has been published by the University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla. For more information about publications from this Uddevalla Symposium as well as from all Uddevalla Symposia (so far) please click here

Text by Iréne Johansson
Photos by A. Norvald, L. Schäfer, N. Kisch and R. Dahlberg

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