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From the left: Paolo Malfitano - winner of the Best PhD Candidate Paper Award, Iréne Bernhard - Scientific Committée, Roberto Antonietti and  Sandro Montresor - winner of the Best Paper Award & Charlie Karlsson - Scientific Committée.

The Best Paper Award 2019

The winners of the Best Paper Award wereRoberto Antonietti, “Marco Fanno” Department of Economics and Management , University of Padova, Italy & Sandro Montresor, Department of Economics and Law, Kore University of Enna, Italy.

The title of their paper was: "The Role of KETs in Unlocking the Potential for (Un)related Diversification in Italian Regions."

The paper is focusing among other things related varieties, which currently is a hot topic with many dimensions that really deserves to be analysed. The authors are striving to be comprehensive with regards to concepts, such as key-enabling technologies, economic mechanisms and empirical indicators. In summary, a scholarly contribution of high quality.

The best Phd Candidate paper award 2019

The winner was: PhD Candidate Paolo Malfitano, Institute for Economic Research (IRE), Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerland.

The title of his paper was:”Immigrant Self-Employment and Intergenerational Links. The Swiss Case.”

This a well written paper. The approach is novel and rigorous in analysing entrepreneurial capacities of immigrants and natives, distinguishing between first and second-generation immigrants in Switzerland. The paper has a robust methodology and its analysis is interesting and has real theoretical and empirical applications.


The Members of the Scientific Committee of the 22nd Uddevalla Symposium 2019 selected and decided upon the winning papers. The prizes are sponsored by the Uddevalla Municipality, Sweden.

All Best Paper Award Winners 

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