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The Best Paper Award 2017

The winners of the Best Paper Award were: Roberto Antonietti and Francesca Gambarotto. “Marco Fanno” Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova, Italy.

The title of their paper was: "Assessing the role of industry variety for the creation of innovative start-ups: evidence from Italian local labour market areas".

This study shows that innovative start-ups are more frequently created in areas where unrelated variety is higher implying that they in these areas find higher opportunities to combine different pieces of knowledge.Thus, the results give support to the importance of Jacob’s externalities. Based upon a literature survey this study uses a unique data set and proper econometric techniques for analysis. The study brings new and important evidence about the role of industrial variety for the creation of innovative start-ups. 

The best Phd Candidate paper award 2017

The winner was: PhD Candidate Helena Nilsson, HUI Research & Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden

The title of her paper was:Effects of IKEA Entry – spatial impacts on firm level retail sales".

The paper” Effects of IKEA Entry – spatial impacts on firm level retail sales” by Helena Nilsson was given the Best PhD Candidate Paper Award.

This paper has a well theoretical connection to previous and current research and a sound  research approach and methodology. Furthermore the paper has a “straight forward” analysis, with relevant results.

The paper add a promising contribution to our understanding of the entry of big-boxes that often is subject to intense debate not least regarding job-opportunities and vis-a-vi the development of city-centers.


The Members of the Scientific Committee of the 20th Uddevalla Symposium 2017 selected and decided upon the winning papers. 

All Best Paper Award Winners 

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