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To stimulate high quality papers the Scientific Committee of the Uddevalla Symposium 2016 designate the Best Paper with €1000, the Best PhD Can­didate Paper with €700 and the IHE (Industry and Higher Education) Best Paper Award with £100 in SAGE book vouchers. The prizes are sponsored by the Uddevalla Municipality, Sweden; the University West, Sweden and SAGE Publishing, United Kingdom.

The winners of the Best Paper Award

The title of the paper
”The Paradox of Openness Revisited: Collaborative Innovation and Patenting by UK Innovators”

Professor Ashish Arora, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA & National Bureau of Economic Research, Boston, MA, USA.
Professor Suma Athreye, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK.
Dr. Can Huang, Institute for Intellectual Property Management, School of Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.

A creative and novel analysis of a two conflicting hypotheses concerning firm innovation behavior – The prevention of knowledge spillovers versus the need of open innovation.  The authors show that this tradeoff is resolved differently by different types of firms.  Leading firms are more vulnerable to unintended knowledge spillovers and consequently try to protect that knowledge by means of patenting. Followers that do more incremented innovation benefit less from patenting are less induced to patent.

The research in this paper is a distinct contribution not only to our understanding of innovation but also to our understanding of innovation but also to our understanding of firm strategic innovation behavior. 

The winner of the Best Phd Candidate Paper Award 

The title of the paper
”Labour Knowledge Complementarity and Exporter Innovativeness”

PhD Candidate Tina Wallin, Centre for Entrepreneurship and spatial Economics (CEnSE), Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden.

This paper has an innovative approach with a sound methodology. The results add a promising contribution to our understanding of the complementarity of internal and external knowledge in supporting innovativeness.

The Winners of the IHE Best Paper Award

This year there was an additional Best Paper Award as Industry and Higher Education (IHE), now published by and SAGE Publishing from the journal’s June 2016 issue, sponsored a Best Paper Award at the 19th Uddevalla Symposium 2016.

The title of the paper
“Women Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Sweden: do age and date of arrival matter?”

PhD Candidate Aziza Al Ghafri
Dr. Gulzat Zhetibaeva Elvung
Terrence Brown
All authors from Department of Industrial Economics and Management, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

This paper is highly original and important because it addresses an issue of great concern and interest to society in a way that is both novel abut also fundamentally rigorous. The analyses methods that are used enable the authors to reach conclusions that are not just novel but open a new line of research.

The Members of the Scientific Committee of the 19th Uddevalla Symposium 2016 selected and decided upon the winning papers.

Dr Irene Bernhard
Member of the Scientific Committee & Coordinator of the 19th Uddevalla Symposium 2016

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