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Chairs: Dr. Johanna Palmberg & Dr. Ali Mohammadi, Center of Excellence for Science and Innovations Studies (CESIS), Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 

Entrepreneurship and innovations is a prime driver of firm competitiveness and economic growth and to understand the drivers and constraints of entrepreneurship from an organizational perspective is thus of high priority. Innovative activities are characterized by high risk, unpredictability and long time horizon. At the same time, efficient management and reallocation of existing recourses is crucial for how economies enhance their economic performance over time. Good corporate governance should safeguard that the vast resources of modern firms are efficiently managed. Systematic analysis of corporate governance structures is therefore necessary for the choice of rules, recommendations and practices to yield efficient entrepreneurship, investments, innovations, and financing strategies.

This special session invites papers dealing with various dimensions of corporate governance and entrepreneurship such as; ownership structure, financing of innovations and entrepreneurship, venture capital, family ownership and control, female leadership and diversity issues in governance.

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