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 There are two airports in the area:

You will most probably arrive at Landvetter Airport, just south of Gothenburg, about an hours´ drive to Trollhättan where the Symposium will be held.

You may also arrive to Arlanda Airport or Bromma Airport in Stockholm and from there fly to Trollhättan/Vänersborgs Airport.

Airportcoaches  For those of you who prefere to travel by bus from the airport there is a convenient flygbussarna/airportcoaches service at hand.

Train To travel to Trollhättan will take 30 min For making traveling arrangements by train, please visit SJ

Transfer service For your convenience we recommend you to use Trollhättans Car Service. You can easily book your transfer online using the following link:

Trollhättans hyrverk, or send them an email at

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