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1) Abstract – maximum 500 words including:

  • Title of the abstract/paper
  • Selected theme (choose from the list of themes/sessions)
  • Keywords
  • Name(s) of the author(s)
  • Academic title of the author(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Complete mail address(es)
  • e-mail address (es)
  • Corresponding author

2) Submit the abstract using the Word of Microsoft.

3) Name your file “PRESENTERS NAME_Uddevalla2018.docx” to avoid confusion between abstracts.

4) Send your abstract by e-mail to: before January 28th, 2018  --> EXTENDED DEADLINE February 5th, 2018


Results of the review process will be communicated to authors by approximately February 28th, 2018.

Submission Deadline for Complete Papers accepted for presentation (in Word 2013 or earlier version)May 18th, 2018.

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