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This year The Regional Science Academy (TRSA) are joining the 21st Uddevalla Symposium 2018 and invites you to a Pre Symposia Advanced Brainstorm Carrefour (ABC) on the theme:

Remote and Lagging Regions: Issues and Opportunities

Date: Wednesday - June 13th, 2018

Place of venue: Luleå University of Technology Room A3521 – Building A, Luleå, Sweden

Hosts: Uddevalla Symposium 2018 and Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden

Scientific Programme of ABC

10:00       Peter Nijkamp - Greeting and introduction to the program

Chair of the session – Gordon Mulligan

10:15        Alexandra Tsvetkova and Mark Partridge – Local ability to “rewire” and     
                   socio-economic performance: Evidence from U.S. counties after the Great
                   Recession with a focus on low performers.

 11:00       Peter Nijkamp, Ed Glaeser and Karima Kourtit – Cultural forerunners among 
                   cities: An International Comparison with a focus on cities in lagging and 
                   remote regions.

 11:45       Lunch Break - Unik Kitchen & Café 

Chair of the session – Alexandra Tsvetkova

 13:30       Amit Batabyal – The magnification of a lagging region’s initial economic      
                   disadvantage on the balanced growth Path

 14:00      Thomas Ejdemo and Daniel Örtqvist – Economic Development Issues and
                   Opportunities in the Lulea Sweden Region.

 14:30      Karima Kourtit – Superproximity and Regional Economic Development.

 15:00      Coffee Break

Chair of the session – Johan Eklund

 15:30        Roger R. Stough – Digital Ecosystems in Lagging and Remote Regions.

 16:15         Martin Andersson, Niclas Lavesson and Mark Partridge – What explains
                     the geography of start-up rates? – New evidence from Sweden.

 17:00        Adjourn for refreshments at the Unik Kitchen & Café

Updated by Rebecca Olsson