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It is important for us to recognize that Innovation is not created through the world. Only a few places in the world Innovation is created. We will focus on these phenomena from the point of view of resources that region supplies. Regional Resources that Innovation Cluster supplies are divided into:

i)  physical input and
ii) information (included tacit knowledge) input

Physical input to the firm may be connected with information. 

We would like to invite scholars in many regions to share the spatial concentration of innovation. We can learn many different regions and histories.

Research inquiries we commonly have are:

1) What are the Regional Resources including Social Institutions and Social Capital
2) Why are these Regional Resources not transferable to other regions

Tomomichi Yoshikawa, former Professor of Innovation Management, Waseda Business School, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan,

Hironari Ukai, Professor, Department of Management, and Director, Centre for Community Collaboration, Aichi Gauin University, Nagoya, Japan,

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