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A recent interest is directed towards Artic regions. The features of Artic regions are shared by many states.  One notion of such regions is that common features are the basis to understand where challenges and opportunities come from. Artic regions hold rich natural resources such as fishing, mining and forest industry, and a home for a growing number of emerging entrepreneurial companies in service industries. Artic regions hold a strategic position for new transportation routes by which many entrepreneurs identify new modes for business. Artic regions are for many entrepreneurs considered an attractive place to operate from strategically. Yet, many are unaware that a part of their country is defined as an Artic region. While many still hold on to the connotation of an artic region that appeals to coldness, snow and ice few recognized the features economic activities in such region. 

This track offers room for creative discussions on the new role of how resources, industries, diversity and growth create opportunities and challenges in Artic regions. Such discussion specifically welcomes papers with a clear angle on Artic regions that discuss:
-        New empirical insights of and from Artic regions;
-        Conditions for entrepreneurship and business in an Artic region;
-        Country comparisons between different Artic regions;
-        Methodological challenges in Artic regions;
-        Cases studies that brings in new nuances and characteristics of a region;
-        Validation of earlier results conducted in Artic regions;
-        Unique conceptual facets of businesses in Artic regions;
-        New theoretical underpinnings for future studies to consider.  

Proposed chair is: Ossi Pesämaa, Luleå University of Technology.  SE-971 87  LULEÅ, SWEDEN, Phone: +46-(0)920-49 34 98, Mob: +46(0)72-5255258, Email:

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