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Innovation is a fundamental driver of local and regional economic development. Research shows that places as an embracing viewpoint is highly relevant in order to attract engagement in local and regional development. In place innovation it is of importance not only to pay attention to the hard resources vital for the place (such as infrastructure, physical facilities and resources, etc) but also the soft factors. These soft factors encapsulate more emotive aspects of a place, such as its appearance and its image, or intangibles, such as the values derived from services and collaboration partnerships. The purpose of this special session is to analyze and discuss these issues further. Dynamics of interaction among the different partnerships or stakeholders are of specific interest for this session. There is a need for research to address various challenges in the complex dynamics and interaction involved in place innovation. Central to this is the diversity and heterogeneity in the approaches to such studies. Case studies as well as explanatory or comparative contributions are welcome.

Irene Bernhard, PhD,  Irene.bernhard@hvUlrika Lundh Snis, Assoc Prof. , Anna Karin Olsson, Phd,, University West, School of business, economics and IT, Trollhättan, Sweden, Malin Lindberg, Assoc. Prof., , Luleå University of Technology, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, Sweden. 

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