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L'Aquila a medevial city located in the Apennines mountins in central Italy. The Gran Sasso mountain is the highest peak in the Apennines, so you can belive the view is outstanding!!


Information about accommodation.

Travel information

Travel instructions to reach L'Aquila and the Gran Sasso Science Institute.
It is advisable to check the travle companies websites as there might be some changes. 

L'Aquila is located in central Italy, at about 110 Km (68 miles) east of Rome and 100 Km (62 miles) west of Pescara. The closest international airports are Fiumicino Airport (Rome), Ciampino Airport (Rome), and Abruzzo International Airport (Pescara). 

Rome FIUMICINO AIRPORT (national and international flights)
To get to L'Aquila from Fiumicino Airport you have the following options here.

Rome CIAMPINO AIRPORT (low cost carriers)
To reach L'Aquila from Ciampino Airport you have two options - see here

Pescara’s ABRUZZO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Ryanair low-cost flights)
To get to L'Aquila you will first have to reach Pescara Centrale train station. You have two options to get to L'Aquila from Pescara Centrale train station - see here.

2. BY COACH (from Rome Tiburtina bus station).
There are two main companies providing coach service to L'Aquila - see here.

From Rome: Motorway A24 Rome-L'Aquila Est.

From Autostrada Adriatica (Motorway A14): Toll gate "Teramo-Giulianova" - Motorway A24 to L'Aquila.

From Pescara: Motorway A25 Pescara-Popoli, then S.S 17 Bussi-L'Aquila.

From Naples: Motorway A1 Rome-Napoli - S.S. 82 Ceprano-Sora-Avezzano - Motorway Avezzano-L'Aquila A24/A25.

Train service between Rome and L’Aquila is available, though less advisable, since it takes a very long time due to intermediate train stops. The whole journey may take up to 5 hours (against 2 hours by bus) and you will have to change trains twice. Information is available at: If you are travelling by train from other Italian cities, it is hence advisable to arrive at Rome Tiburtina train station and from there continue by bus (see par. 2).

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