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Submission of revised papers
Deadline September 20th, 2019 to be included in a conference proceedings. Last years’ proceeding, please see


  1. Save your paper as a Word 2010.docx format document before submitting.
  2. Name your paper "AUTHORNAME_Uddevalla2019.
  3. The volume of the paper is set to a maximum of 20 pages in total.
  4. Check the paper guidelines so your paper applies to the paper guidelines. Your co-operation in adhering to the guidelines is greatly appreciated.
  5. The link for paper submission is to be found below here (Submit your paper here). Fill in the title of the paper, name and e-mail address of corresponding author, thanks.
  6. Browse your paper.
  7. Click on the Send-button.
  8. You will receive an e-mail if the submission is successfully completed.

For further information or if you have questions feel free to contact us at

It is only papers that have been presented at the 22nd Uddevalla Symposium 2019 that can be included. All papers must be in English.

Paper guidelines

Paper Guidelines Revised Papers Uddevalla Symposium 2019


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