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Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) comprise a broad range of activities, including cultural heritage, architecture, music, live performance, publishing, music, arts and crafts professions, television, radio, film and video, advertising, design, fashion, video games, software and, in some cases, IT services. CCIs play a distinctive role in redefining the relationships between place, economy, culture and creativity, especially considering the global and digital character of today’s economy. 

In many countries, CCIs constitute a dynamic and resilient sector which, in the last years, has grown faster than the rest of the economy, making them attractive to policy makers as drivers of sustainable economic growth and employment creation. 

However, due to the rapid evolution of CCIs, the difficulties to define their needs, and the fragmentation of the policy frameworks, national and local policy makers tend to systematically underestimate their contribution to the economy and consequently deploy insufficient means to support them. 

In order to better understand the nature of the CCIs, this special session will address these issues by hosting topics such as:

  • The spatial distribution, drivers and dynamics of different types of entrepreneurship in CCIs 
  • The role of agglomeration externalities in small and new firms’ performance 
  • Regional entrepreneurship and innovation in CCIs 
  • The causal nexus among culture, creativity and innovation 
  • Cultural and Creative Innovation Ecosystems 

Name and affiliation of the chair: 
Alessandro Crociata, Gran Sasso Science Institute, GSSI L’Aquila 
Co-Convenor Name 1: Gloria Cicerone, Gran Sasso Science Institute, GSSI L’Aquila 
Co-Convenor Name 2: Daniele Mantegazzi, Gran Sasso Science Institute, GSSI L’Aquila 

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